Dr. Keith at NCORE - NYC


Generation M: In connection to his film Generation M, this particular theme focuses on media’s representations of women and how these depictions affect women and men. From advertising to TV, film, and music, Generation M traces the many ways that women are negatively portrayed in mass media and the consequences that arise from these portrayals.

The Bro Code: In The Bro Code, Dr. Keith centers the talk around “bro-culture,” a particular segment of young, male culture that celebrates sexism and homophobia and contributes to high rates of sexual assault and rape on high school and college campuses throughout America. In The Bro Code, Keith deconstructs how bro-culture is formed, why sexism and homophobia proliferate the culture, and ways in which this toxic culture can be disrupted.

The Empathy Gap: In this particular talk, Dr. Keith spotlights the many ways that boys and men are trained to lack empathy for women in contemporary American culture. Starting in boyhood, Keith traces the specific ways that traits like empathy, compassion, and love are systematically driven out of males and how this training harms men, women, and relationships. The talk features ideas about how to create, nurture, and expand empathy in boys and men.


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Dr. Thomas Keith has spoken at:

University of Cincinnati
Miami University-Ohio
University of Colorado, Boulder
Sonoma State University
Santa Clara University
University of California, Merced
University of California, Riverside
San Francisco University
University of Oregon
San Diego City College
White Privilege Conference

University of Vermont
Middlebury College
Sierra College
Union College
Hamilton College
St. Francis College
SUNY Plattsburgh
University of Montreal
Central Connecticut State University
Eastern Connecticut State University
St. Joseph’s University
St. John’s University